The Farm

Mountain Valley Farm is a small family operation with a long history in agriculture on the land here in Historic Westbank.


Passive Solar Seed starting Green House

At Mountain Valley Farm we specialize in growing beyond organic, non gmo, open pollinated, heirloom and heritage vegetables. The vegetables are started in our passive solar green house using a soil blocking system so a minimal amount of containers are used. They are then transplanted to our non heated cold frame, or directly to the field.

Our farm mimics the natural system seen in nature, where nature falls to the ground, naturally composts, and produces growth. With our system of growing, we do not purchase any pesticides or fertilizers be they organic or not. A healthy plant with healthy soil is free of the majority of problems afflicting conventionally grown produce. Plants that have healthy sustainable soil, are nutrient dense and have fabulous flavour. Harvesting is done when our produce is at it's most nutritious state, ripe and fresh daily.

Because of our secluded naturally protected location, we have an opportunity to offer exceptionally grown Beyond Organic produce without the influence of neighboring farms. And yet, our location is conveniently located only minutes from the centre of town.

Our form of nautural agriculture relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost and biological pest control to maintain soil productivity. We do not use any manufactured fertilizers, pesticides, herbacides or genetically modified organisms. Our weed control is done by hand, hoeing, cultivating and pulling.

We know you will taste the difference in our cared for Authentic Beyond Organic produce.


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