Everything that we sell we produce on the farm. All are non GMO, non treated, mainly open seed pollinated and Heirloom varieties. 

  1. Tomatoes : an assortment of full flavoured tomatoes including Roma
  2. cherry Tomatoes : sweet salad and fresh eating
  3. Carrots : Assorted sweet orange as well as baby rainbow
  4. Beets : sweet round red and golden as well as cylindrical 
  5. salad greens ; a variety of different lettuce from Romain to our very popular Drunken Lady
  6. cabbage : a couple of varieties including Early Jersey Wakefield 
  7. green onions and mini purple
  8. Potatoes : mostly baby gourmet varieties
  9. sweet peppers : both red and orange
  10. Hot Peppers : Poblanos, serranos, Jalapeños and more
  11. Egg Plant
  12. Cucumbers : Almost skinless and very sweet
  13. Leeks : We pride ourselves on our tender baby leeks
  14. Summer Squash : From popular party pans to the not as well know but delicious Rohnda De Nice
  15. Winter Squash : Pumpkin, Spagehtti, Delicate and some other popular varieties 
  16. Corn : non GMO Open pollinated see bi coloured corn
  17. Celery 
  18. Broccoli
  19. Suger Snap Peas
  20. Beans : Thin stringless gourmet beans
  21. Swiss Chard : A rainbow variety picked young and tender
  22. spinach
  23. Melons
  24. Kale : Tuscan, Russian and Blue Curled 

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